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Botox Hair System 10 Ampoules + Treatment

Botox Hair System 10 Ampoules + Treatment   SKU: BOTOX
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Product Description

Kashmir Hair Botox treatments are a deep conditioning treatment that reconstructs hair, producing frizz-free locks for all types of hair. The secret behind Kashmir hair Botox treatments is organic microscopic particles, which encourage the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins to penetrate into the hair, all of which result in remarkable hair quality.

Kashmir Hair Botox treatments are also effective for rehabilitative care as they help fight hair loss. Essential elements like natural acids, powerful antioxidants, Keratin, amino acids and Botox, are powerfully integrated into a formula that strengthens the hair leaving it shiny, smooth and eliminating breakage. Kashmir Hair Botox also works well as a re-constructive treatment as the organic microspheres help minimize and fight against hair loss.

Coloring, styling and everyday use of heat tools leave hair damaged and almost straw textured.  Kashmir Botox for hair leaves hair naturally shiny. With age and lack of treatment, the use of harmful substances causes hair to become dry, dis-colored and split at the ends. There are a series of Kashmir Hair Botox products for hair care such as a mask, shampoo conditioner and serum ampoules, which help rebuild hair back to health.  Kashmir Hair Botox performs these processes perfectly.

Hair and scalp also need the same nutrients as the skin which deplete over the years. Our bodies produce keratin to a lesser degree as we age, and are no longer able to absorb the minerals and vitamins as optimally. By using Kashmir Hair Botox products, you can restore the shine and strength to hair that disappears with age.

Product Reviews

Luz 4/12/2014
Awesome! I just tried few hours ago; and the results were strongly beutiful. Was little expensive but it is worthy and careful for your hair.

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