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Traybell Biogerminative Potention Pk6

Traybell Biogerminative Potention Pk6   SKU: THS10
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Product Description

 • Stops radically intense, sudden hair loss.

• pH almost neutral (5.7 - 6.3).

• Prevents hair follicle from irreversible impairment and damage.

• Strengthens germinal structures.

• Activates cell reproduction.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount on damp, freshly washed hair. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

PEELING: We recommend cleaning and preparing the scalp first by using Traybell Cutaneous Capillary Peeling as a gentle exfoliant to remove all excess dirt, product build up, dead skin cells, chemicals and other unwanted sources of contamination that may interfere with proper absorption and penetration of the medicinal active ingredients of the shampoo and tonic. Please note that the peeling should not be performed more often than every 21 days to avoid over exfoliating the scalp.

SHAMPOOTraybell Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo or Stop Hair Loss Shampoo with Cytokines.

          For oily hair or oily dandruff:.................Regulator Conditioning Mask.
          For dry chemical damaged hair:...........Biological Hair Mask.
          For malnourished dry hair....................Nutritional Hair Mask With Jojoba:

• 10 ml - 0.3 Fl. Oz. /6u

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